How to Learn the Alexander Technique

Typically students have individual lessons with a teacher once or twice a week. With gentle hands on guidance from the teacher, the student learns to bring more awareness to what is going on in their body and begins to move with more ease in their daily life. 

Traditional lessons involve both receiving work lying on a table and varied upright movement. Lessons can also include working on specific activities so the student can relate the work to their everyday life such as office work, performance, exercise, etc. These activities allow the students to quicken the affect of the work on their everyday life. 

To set up an introductory lesson or series of lessons:  

Call: (872) 239-6556


Lesson Pricing

One hour Introductory session- $50

45 minute Lesson- $65

Lesson Packages- 4 lessons/ $50 each

Workshops and Group classes available.

Home studio located in Lakeview, Chicago.

Lessons in your home available at an additional cost.