What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a mind and body re-education that teaches us to bring more awareness to how we use ourselves and how to bring us back to a natural self. 

Take a moment to think of yourself as a piece of foam. Throughout the day it is easy to compress and pull down from the stress of our work and bad habits. Imagine the the foam squished down. What the Alexander Technique can do for you is teach us how to let go of the habitual ways we use our bodies, to alleviate the compression and pulling down, and bring us back to a natural state, like releasing the pressure off a piece of foam. 

Who Benefits…

Anyone suffering from chronic pain.

Anyone noticing excessive stress.

Anyone suffering from anxiety. 

Those interested in improved coordination and balance.

Performers (actors, singers, dancers, musicians).

Athletes (runners, skiers, golfers, swimmers).

Expecting mothers, and parents.

Those experiencing change related to aging.

Those who walk for health.

People encountering attention disorders, and learning disabilities.

and More!


Origins of the Alexander Technique

 FM Alexander

FM Alexander

F.M. Alexander, was a Shakespearean actor who lived in the late 1800s, who suffered from voice loss. Mr. Alexander was enjoying a fruitful career as a performer until encountering chronic vocal problems, including frequent loss of voice. He sought medical as well as educational help, but to no avail. The best advice recommended to him was vocal rest for two weeks. However even after not speaking for the duration of time, when he went to perform he lost his voice again. We can imagine how frustrating this must have been.

Alexander decided to find a solution on his own. He set up mirrors to observe himself speaking. After a long and patient process, he noticed that whenever he went to speak he would pull his head back and down on his spine, putting unnecessary strain on his larynx. This habit was clearly at the root of his problem.

He was then faced with the dilemma of how to break such a deeply intrenched habit. In the years that followed he devoted himself to this question, and the Alexander Technique is the result of that process. It has been used for the last hundred years to help thousands of people to un-do habits of a lifetime and return to health, wellness and ease of motion. 

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